Loyal Oil Club

We love rewarding our customers!

Nothing is more exciting than when the orders come in from repeat customers. We want to reward you for your past orders and allow you to earn points with each new order. Your points can be directly redeemed for money off of your orders.  The minimum point value to redeem points is 75 points so you can use them little by little with each order or allow them to build up and enjoy something special! 

Points are accrued at a rate of 4 points for every 1 dollar spent!

Here's how to sign up:

If you have ordered with us before: 

Your username is the EMAIL that you've used for past orders. See the images below for accessing your account and setting or resetting your password. 

If you have not ordered with us before:

See the images below and follow the prompts to create your account to ensure you get points with each order!


Step 1: Click either "log in" if you've ordered before or "sign up" if you are a new customer.


Step 2: Log in or follow the prompts to create your log in or reset your password:
Step 3: Once logged in you will now see a bright green "rewards" button in the bottom right of your screen!
Step 4: Click the "Rewards" button to see and manage your points! Enjoy!
Having trouble? Contact us and we'll help you reset or get things set-up!
The fine print:
Points are only redeemable for online store credit at Maggio Olive Oil Co. They have no cash value and cannot be transferred, sold or otherwise used except for the purchase of product on our website. Points are earned at a rate of 4 points for every dollar spent. Points are redeemable as 75 points = to $1.00.