Do You Know What’s In Your Olive Oil?

Posted by Jonathan Stitzinger on

Sure, most of us know by now that Olive Oil is a “healthy fat”, but there are so many varieties and grades of olive oil that you may not be much better off than using butter.

In a FoxNews article written by Christopher Snyder, he visited and interviewed Italian olive oil producer Matteo Boggio Robutti and his wife Francesca, co-owners of an olive oil farm in the Chianti region of Tuscany. 

Robutti says that only small family-run operations, like his, still make the product the "old-fashion way" by picking the olives by hand and grinding them in a traditional stone mill.

According to Robutti, factors in determining whether olive oil is high quality are:

·         Color of the oil.  If the oil is light yellow or transparent, it is a sign of that the quality is very low or the oil is chemically refined.  Olive oil is initially green when it is first pressed; however, it should eventually turn dark yellow. Robutti claims some companies use green dye in their final product to trick buyers into thinking theirs is more pure.

·         Type of bottle.  If olive oil is not packaged in a dark bottle, it can easily be exposed to sunlight, which causes oxidation and decreases quality.  Oils in clear bottles should always be stored in a dark environment when not in use.

·         Label.  Key terms to look for on the label are “extra virgin olive oil", "first cold press", and "not filtered.”  These are descriptions that indicate higher quality. Always review the label carefully when buying.

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