Cooking with Maggio Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegars

Posted by David Stitzinger on

A question we get asked often is: “What can you use these olive oils and balsamic vinegars for?” There are numerous different uses, but of course, cooking would be our favorite!

One of our favorite uses for olive oils and balsamic vinegars is for marinating. The best marinades consist of pairing balsamic vinegar with an olive oil. The ratio you will want to use is 1/3 balsamic vinegar and 2/3 olive oil. You can also just use balsamic vinegar alone. The length of time for marinating poultry and fish is no more than three hours. Pork, beef and lamb can be marinated for up to 24 hours. Poultry, fish, and pork work well with fruit or herbal flavors. An example is our lime olive oil with pomegranate balsamic vinegar. For beef, a good marinade would be our espresso balsamic vinegar.

A second use would be vinaigrettes. You can either pair our balsamic vinegars with an olive oil or simply use our balsamic vinegars alone. They are low in calories while adding and add flavor to any salad. For vinaigrette, the best ratio is three parts oil and 1 part vinegar. A good example is the pairing of our white strawberry peach balsamic vinegar with our lime olive oil. Another example would be our white peach balsamic vinegar alone.

A third option would be to use them for baking. For recipes calling for vegetable oil, olive oil can be substituted for equal amounts of vegetable oil. If a baking recipe calls for melted butter, three tablespoons of olive oil can be substituted for every ¼ cup of melted butter. Some of my favorites baking uses are in cookies, breads, pizza dough, biscotti, and cakes. Our fruit flavored olive oils are amazing in cookies and cakes. Try our blood orange olive oil in a yellow or chocolate cake mix. Use our garlic, basil, rosemary, or Tuscan herb olive oils in your breads or pizza dough.

A fourth use is as a topping or flavoring. Our balsamic vinegars are amazing over cheesecakes and ice cream. A favorite example is chocolate balsamic vinegar over vanilla ice cream.

A fifth use for them includes sautéing, roasting, or grilling. Some examples would be roasting vegetables drizzled with one of our olive oils in the oven, brushing your meat or vegetable with an olive oil as you grill. An amazing pairing would be drizzling Jalapeño olive oil over asparagus roasted in the oven.

The options are endless of what you can use Maggio Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegars for. These were just some helpful ideas for you. Happy cooking and eating!!!